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Gibson can't sue for flood damage

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  • Gibson can't sue for flood damage


    I'm kind of conflicted over this.  Part of me is selfish and wants local businesses to be able to recover some of their flood losses because it would be good for the local economy but the bigger part of me thinks it's appalling that those businesses want the entire tax base to pay because they didn't purchase enough flood insurance.

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    It is appalling considering their profits were up during the first quarter of 2010. It's asinine to try and sue The Corps and the Weather Service; they should've planned better with their insurance. That's what the brains are hired for, right?
    Considering it's nashville, it would boost the economy somewhat, but not for the little guy.
    I think the conflict must be that you like music, guitars, etc. and it sucks they lost money and now goods will cost a little more.
    Sucks for them. I'm glad they lost the suit. They had the same chance as everyone else to get their crap together and purchase adequate insurance.


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      Where Gibson factory (and others) locations, and where the floods originated its no surprise they felt safe enough and covered enough for damages. Damage was widespread for hundreds of miles and considered a disaster area which sometimes provides for means for co's to get a little back to cover losses.

      Not sure about how it went down for other businesses in their vicinity, but if the others received relief awards Gibson should have as well, or at least their pursuit is warranted.

      Weather is unpredicatble. Suing the weather service is pretty stupid. The Corps could not have predicted the flood either. Just like they could not predict the damage in N.O.