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  • Gibson Help!!!!

    Ok, this may sound strange....BUT...I have an old 70's solid state Gibson G70, Lincolnwood, Illinois , 120W amp, but can I find any details about it on the net...?No!
    Can anyone help?
    To me, it looks like Gibbo's answer to the twin reverb, but I've not heard or seen many of these around...please assist!

    C heers

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    Got pix?
    my educated guess is that 120 watts is the power consumption figure ,not a output power rating.So probably not a Twin competitor.
    "Now we're going to play a Cecil Taylor tune"-Fred "Sonic" Smith

    check out box set recommended!


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      The first one is not a brilliant pic, from my Myspace page, but you get the idea...its a 2x12. twin channel, reverb and tremolo...I am no David Bailey, so these are about as good as it gets I'm afraid..thanks for your help.I think you'll agree, it definately was Gibson's attempt at a Twin...see last pic...


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          Wow does that bring back memories. In 1975 I bough my first electric guitar a white Gibson Les Paul. I played it all summer long through a homemade Heathkit amp and a beatup 2x12 homemade cabinet. By fall we were putting together a band and I needed a "real" amp.I figured a Gibson Amp for a Gibson Guitar.  I went to Mike's Music in Platteville, WI and put a new one of these on layaway. Mike was great and let me take it home after my second installment and make weekly payments. Well It surely screamed Rock and Roll for a young kid in his first band. But then It ended up in the shop every other week until the repair bills exceeded the cost of the amp. Oh and it was truly 120 watts RMS output. Man was that thing loud. Maybe I destroyed it playing it as loud as it would go? Too much heat on the transistors. Who knows. It was fun while it lasted. I replaced it with a Peavey Classic combo with 2x12 speakers that is still going strong.