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SG or Telecaster??


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  • SG or Telecaster??

    Hey guys, I'm having a hard time deciding on what to buy. I've narrowed it down to a Fender Road Worn Telecaster in black and an SG Standard in black. The only guitar I own at this point is a 2003 SG Standard in natural burst, which I love, I will never get sick of this guitar nor will I ever part with it.

    I'm wondering if I should just buy another of what I love or try out the tele? And before someone asks, yes I've had extensive playing time on both guitars. I like them both.

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    Why would you get another SG?
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      i would only get another sg because I know I would not be let down, if that makes any sense. I'm tired of thinking I want a guitar, buying it, and then selling it for far cheaper then i payed for it just to go back to my sg.

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    Get ya a nice used USA made G&L Asat Classic or Bluesboy

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      I'd hit an SG Classic and be done with it. Sounds like you're not a Fender guy.
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        Tele all day long. My tele is my go to guitar but I personally am more comfortable with Fenders than I am with GIbsons, so take it for what its worth. Since you have an SG you may as well try something completely different.


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          Why do you need two guitars?  If the answer is because you need a specific sound then buy the guitar which will give you that sound.  Need a tele sound? buy a tele.  Need something with p90s?  get something with p90s.  you already have an SG, do you need another one?


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            I'm from the school of having a few different tools in the I vote TELE!

            Man a good SG is pretty sweet right? Like a Cadillac with a dragster underneath. Yes...a Tele will be very different. However, different CAN be a great thing. Feldman (Eagles) said they (he and Walsh) would PURPOSELY choose different guitars to thicken and expand their sound. Hotel California was done with an LP and Tele.


            For more than 20 years I owned every kind of guitar BUT a Tele. Why do I need one? Well....I finally decided to pull the trigger- sight unseen- on a Mexican FSR @ $399. It is a FANTASTIC guitar at that price point. Truly versatile, easy and fun to play. It's my only electric flat top.'s all there. A friend brought over his JVM and he struck a couple Van Halen chords and we were both BLOWN A---WAY! I don't even believe it and I was there.


            It will be different from your SG. I say- in a good way.


            These aren't mine- but it's the exact guitar there in the middle:



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