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How's this tone for heavy alternative rock? (Diezel Herbert mic'd with a Beta 57)

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  • How's this tone for heavy alternative rock? (Diezel Herbert mic'd with a Beta 57)




    Recorded with these guitars/rig. Bass is a Blacktop P Bass into a Pod X3. Synth is a M-audio Venom.




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    Holy ****************ing sheepdip. I wish I could record that good. Please tell me how you did this.


    EDIT: Dude..my wife just came in to see what I had playing. I


    • BurnTheLies
      BurnTheLies commented
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      Haha thanks for the kind words. I've just worked out a great mic position and i use a Firestudio Project. Very simple/stripped down setup.

      I can't wait to get more songs done for my solo project and find a vocalist interested in working with them.

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    That sounds really good. Did the mic position really play a big role into getting the flavour of sound you got?

    I'm curious about how a JMP-1 would sound going into a JCM 800.
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    • BurnTheLies
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      Thanx! The mic position did play a huge role in it. The JMP-1 going into my old JCM 800 wasn't very good. It sounds best running into the power section of an amp. If your 800 has a loop then it should be fine.

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    Thanks for checking the song out everyone. I'm working on a 2nd one now. It's a little heavier and darker. I'll post it in a day or 2.


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      The tone is great, the MIX however is very "hey check out this guitar sound guys!" the drums sound pretty weedy in comparison.