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Tech guys, help me figure out my output.


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  • Tech guys, help me figure out my output.

    Ok so I have a "new to me" Roland JC-120H. The specs in the manual say it's 60X2 at 8ohms or 80X2 at 4ohms. However it has 4 speaker outputs... two right and two left. Does that mean it's 30 watts per individual channel or 60 for all four really making it 60+60 X 60+60? I'll include a pic of the outputs and specs. Appreciate any help you can give me.

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    Is it loud enough?

    If so, who cares?

    My guess is that it's wired so you could run chorus on a 4x12 that's wired for chorus.



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      I just like knowing how things work. Right now I got one right and one left output going into my Marshall 1960 split up into 2x12 at 8ohms so I'm assuming it's running 60X2 at the moment. But I was just curious as to all of it's ins and outs of it.



      And BTW... it's crazy loud.

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    it means exactly what it says. What's confusing about it? If you give each/either channel an 8 ohm load it will give you 60 watts to each or either channel. If you load each/either channel down to 4 ohms the amp will put out 80 watts/channel.
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      each jack can power an 8 ohm (no lower) load.  if each jack is plugged into an 8 ohm load, you'll get 4 ohms and 80 watts per side.  one 8 ohm load per side = 60 watts per side...

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