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In Need of Advices About Amp&Cab Choice

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  • In Need of Advices About Amp&Cab Choice

    Hello people,

    I have been searching for a good all tube head amp for two months now and afterall I decided to buy a Laney Ironheart IRT60H.But I am not really sure if it is the amp that I want.Also I am not sure about what kind of cabinet I should buy.I play in my bedroom mostly.I have been saving money for more than a year now and I don't think I can save more and I won't be able to buy another amp for 5 years at least.

    So I play Metallica,Megadeth,Slayer,Pantera and Evile mostly.I sometimes play bands such as GNR.I want an amp that can give me nice and natural heavy and thrash metal tones,also shouldn't let me down at Classic Rock.I care a lot about clean sound also,I don't want the clean sound bad.

    It's hard to find all tube amps in Turkey especially for cheap prices.So I can pay about 1600$ max for head and cabinet.

    Note #1: As I said,I'm playing mostly in my bedroom but I for sure will buy head and cabinet.I also play with my band and we will take part in some contests soon.So It would be nice if the amp sounds good also at low volumes.

    Note #2:I am not willing to buy a combo amp.

    Thanks for reading,every single advice is appreciated.


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    So? Anyone?


    • Steve2112
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      Hello Turk friend!


      You've posed a pretty difficutl problem. I believe it is VERY difficult to tell you what amp will work for you. The best thing to do is have a list. But in Turkey, I'd imagine it's very hard to demo amps. So to say this ONE amp will be perfect for you andyour ears...well.....not sure that'd work very well. Odds are aginst it. Most people come by their amps by experience. Checking and buying, and selling...many amps. Sometimes a friend will give them advice based on personal information and familiarity with the person.

        When looking for a specific bands sound (Slayer Metallica etc) it's often best to start with the amps THEY use. Doesn't always work....and the opposite it true to, some people can nail the tone with a completely different rig.


      Why don't you want a combo? For bedroom playing, there are many combs available that will get that tone, shake your balls and your neighbors balls too. Are you sure you can play THAT loud and THAT often...a large tube stack usually needs cranked up to get it's best tone. Many of these amps can go right to the stage too!


      Not sure if you can get one amp the fullfills every single demand that you have. That's a lot to ask of one amp. But...let me suggest a few (in order):


      Peavy 6505

      Marshall JVM 410

      H&K Triamp

      Framus Cobra


      I put the 6505 on top becuase it's afforadable (in the states) and has a good reputation for metal. The Marshall will do just about anything you ask it....may be a bit pricey. The other 2 I am less enthusiastic about, but you might find them around to check out, since they are of Europe.



      Good luck! May be a trial and error for you until you find the perfect amp.