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Cab ohm reading question


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  • Cab ohm reading question

    So I'm about to hook my Stiletto up to my Red Bear cab instead of my Peavey MS which it's been on for a few days, so I can rock on the Celestions and I had a question.  I wanted to make sure I hooked the speakers back up in the Red Bear right since I used to have the Celestions in the Peavey cab but I put them back and followed my diagram correctly. 

    Anyways, on the 16ohm setting on the Peavey I put my multimeter on the speaker cable with the 200ohm setting since it's the lowest, and it's reading  I put it on the Red Bear and it's reading as well.  Is it supposed to be reading that high or is there just extra resistance showing on the meter due to possibly dirty contacts with the speakers or reading it across a cable or something?

    I just want to make sure it's correct before I hook my amp up to the Red Bear and continue to run this resistance.  

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    Usually the DC resistance is slightly less than the speaker impedance. For example, an 8-ohm speaker will read about 6 ohms DC when tested with a meter. 18 ohms is close enough, set your amp to 16 ohms and rock on. 


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      you're measuring the DC resistance of the voice coil... which should theoretically be ZERO because you're actually measuring two ends of the same very long length of wire. the wire is thin and very long however, so it will have some DC resistance.

      cabinets are rated as a nominal AC impedance, because the actual impedance varies according to frequency. it's difficult to measure without proper equipment so you're best to trust the speaker's ratings and match them to your amplifier.