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getting a heavier sound out of my amp

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  • getting a heavier sound out of my amp

    i have a jcm 800, with a fulltone fulldrive 2 pedal, and a 1980 les paul. im searching for a goatsnake style sound any thoughts?

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    Just listening to a couple of tracks it sounds like they tune the guitars down.  this probably has a big effect on how heavy they sound.  google is your friend regarding goatsnake tunings.  A Les Paul should be awesome for this type of music.  You could try setting the amp up quite dirty then using your fulldrive to push the amp into harder, more fuzzy clipping.  Sounds like you have a good set up for achieving this sound.  I think low tunings will be the way to go.


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      JCM800 with boost used to be the king of metal. Now, maybe its the Mesas. But you should still be able to get close to what you want. Exact settings would depend on what kind of cab/speakers you use. The rest is like stent says...tune down, heavy pick (even metal maybe) the right guitars, some attitude most importantly. : )

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      hell yeah man thanks for the input.. tune down and turn up!

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    Find out what rig the guitar player uses and get the pieces.


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      One of these:


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    Cool, if you guys already tune down then I'd suggest trying a fuzz pedal into your amp.  Not a big muff, they sound too scooped and get lost in the mix.  Electric Wizard use boss fuzzes.  The effects forum has a doom thread and loads of threads about fuzzes, I don't know what the cool kids are playing these days but you should get a good idea of what fuzzes go well for various applications.  I've heard good things about the Pharoah and Musket fuzzes.


    • thom
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      Don't know if it fits your style, but if you can't get heavy and doomy with an FZ-2 and a halfstack, you might as well give up. Your rig, an FZ-2, loud and low...That's enough to destroy small vilages.

      Something like the Pharaoh/Musket, or one of the zillion other cool heavey fuzz peds, might do the trick too, the options are endless and totally dependant on yer style/budget/taste. 

      I'd also consider that mxr ten band eq pedal. Doesn't hurt keeping one of those around, even if it's not the right solution for this particular little issue. Don't get the ghey looking one with the KK tribal graphic though, unless you deliberately wanna annoy hipsters, in which case you should totally get the kk version