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Getting more volume out of my amp/cab

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  • Getting more volume out of my amp/cab

    Hey Folks,

    Looking for a little help,

    Im currently using a Hayden Mini mofo, through a Marshall 2x12 cab loaded with G12k-100

    for live gigs im getting issues with the setup being loud enough.
     so im trying to find ways of improving the volume of the amp for pub shows!

    Trying to avoid:

    A new Amp (i like the tone, portability and options of the Hayden)
    A 4x12 (portability)

    Would like to avoid Micing the Cab up!


    I had a feeling i might have issues with volume and a low watt head.


    Just wanted to see if anyone had experience with Speaker cones (are there louder, more effiecent ones than the Celestion g12k-100s?)

    Would change the Cab to a open back increase volume?

    Any other ideas?


    Might be a long shot, and if i have to, i will either use my bigger amp, my 4x12 or just mic it up. But wanted to see f there were other options first!




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    It's not loud enough? Do you play mostly clean tones?


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      Besides more watts or more speakers theres a couple things to try. Get a amp stand so the cabs more at ear level. Also you could get a direct box instead of a a mic like the old H+K red box or a Radial.


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        what's wrong with miking it???