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I'm sick of my other guitarist's ****************ty tone....


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    Depending on the setuo you have single coils can certainly suck. That said I play Metal with P90's most of the time and have used a Mexican Strat on occasion with decent results.

    Some setups will turn the single coils into Icepicks but the Cybertwin should be pretty good with them though. Less gain, more mids. Depending on the music you want to play that may not work.

    The Cybertwin may be a modeling amp, but the front end is analog. The entire amp reconfigures across a few boards. The effects including the EQ are digital but the Drive section is analog tube. It's not a buffer either its really a tube preamp. You should be able to make it sound damn good at reasonable volumes but at band levels the poweramp can be overwhelmed. This combined with weak pickups can certainly get harsh sounding.

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      As I made a thread about the other week, the fact that the band I quit's other guitarist played a Hello Kitty Strat through an Art tube pre into an MG head into a 4x10 and a 1x12, was a big part of my decision.
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      Originally Posted by RaceU4her

      i have 12,000+ posts at HCAF, of course im a ****************ing tone guru


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        My mim doesn't have any feedback issues. Jca Gain cranked with a micro amp in front. Ymmv
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          Simple, just put a pickguard on there with humbuckers in it.
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            Get a single-coil sized humbucker. You can get one at GFS for about $20 bucks and they're pretty decent.

            Having said that, stock MIM pickups aren't that bad, I have played several MIM strats that sounded fine stock. Turn the gain and treble down and turn the mids way up. That will give him a heavier tone. Also he can wire one of his guitar's tone controls to the bridge and turn it down about 30%. That's a great trick to get fatter tone out of single coils.


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              He needs to take out all of the effects and build a sound from the bottom up. Use Chorus and Delay and put some kind on distortion is front. Digital distortions sucks. Really the best set up for a strat is a tube amp with a tube screamer or fuzz face on top of the amps distortion.

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            As I made a thread about the other week, the fact that the band I quit's other guitarist played a Hello Kitty Strat through an Art tube pre into an MG head into a 4x10 and a 1x12, was a big part of my decision.

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              What an ugly spot to be in.

              I searched for 30 years for an answer to my own sound.

              I don't think I will ever reach the Holy Grail, but I did learn that my favorite local guitar players had some equipment in common, so I got some of the stuff that they were using.

              I use a bunch of effects, but before I plug them in, I plug directly into my amp and set the tone for good sound at the volume I will play at.

              This will max the pedals possibilities when you put them in the loop because with a bunch of pedals hooked up, you really can't tell how well the amp is balanced. 

              I have a Boogie MKIII.

              It has bass, mid, treble and a 5 band eq... lots of room for adjustment...

              not to mention that a Boogie MKIII barks and bites... it somehow can cut through the air when it gets noisy.

              At this point, I don't worry about guitar/pickups/amp/effects. It is all about getting the best sound with my rig at each jam. (Try what I suggested).

              I learned that even if no equipment/furniture etc. has been moved in the area I regularly jam in, there is still the "X" factor of one out of 10 or 20 jams will, by far sound the best!

              Who knows why.




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                It's frustrating to have a band member not be a "tone whore" like most of us are.  Some guitar players don't care how they sound, even if everyone thinks they sound terrible.  I'm in that same position.  My rhythm guitarist has a Triple Rec through a Gflex cab, and it SHOULD sound pretty god damn good, but the way he dials it in is a complete trainwreck.  Bass and Treble dimed, zero mids, healthy amount of gain, but sounds like it's choked off to the point that the gain seems at 1.  I have claimed for YEARS that there is something not right with the way his amp is operating and he needs to get it checked out.  I've even offered to go amp shopping with him and have him demo other amps within the range of the trade in value of his Triple.  No interest.  Also his playing style is more akin to acoustic guitar than electric guitar - basically just strums the strings without putting any articulation on any notes, so that will affect sound a great deal.  I try to not give him too much grief on that aspect because I play the acoustic like an electric (and I think I sound pretty bad on an acoustic).  


                An example (he starts the song - remember gain is about 2 o'clock on Ch3, modern mode):

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              Just some thoughts. Unpotted pickups don't do well at high volume, they will screech like Hell. Don't bother useing them. BTW Cyber amps suck mostly because people try to use too much in them. keep is simple and they sound better but not great.


              • wishIcouldplaylikeguthrie
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                the more saturated the signal chain, the ****************ter the tone. get some bypass stuff, or a loop splitter to where it's guitar/amp as much as possible.