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Thought I would check old Harmony Central out again ...


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  • Thought I would check old Harmony Central out again ...



    Still sucks.  I was hoping they would change to some other forum software.   I think I would even take the 10 min a post forum back.  I really do miss the old good times.


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    Go back to posting Yahoo & bad jokes on GAB ... " id="smiley" src="" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />


    Tell Dave he can lick my scrotum. :womanlol:

    I endorse Laura & Valve Queen tubes, you should too.Marshall, Gibson, Fender, Charvel/Jackson."I'm happy to pay my tech $40 bucks to take the Zap for me."One kick-butt deal with johnpace2 Dave Friedman of RACKSYSTEMS is a genius.After the Firebird X, i'm quite convinced Henry Juszkiewicz is crazy.Member of the JMP Hall of Fame.


    • Johnny'sGotTheBlues
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      Dude, how'd you get perma bant over there?  I thought that was impossible.

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    Hi Pepi, thanks for checking in on us. Sorry you are still disappointed.

    I PM'd you about the gear you asked about in the spam thread, and how to PM (as well as posted in that spam thread). You never replied, but I tried. (shrug)


    Not everything is horrible, I do like being able to post pics from my PC and not have to link. All pics show up and well formatted. PM's seem to work when you click on the "send user a message button that is disguised as NOT a button, lol.


    I think the forum is working just fine. There's cool slate gray in the margins, functions are a go. If you'd care to be a little more specific about what you don't like, maybe it can be changed...lots of stuff has been.


    Have you seen Yahoo lately? Oh my god did they f that up! I doubt they are taking suggestions, lol.


    • eyedisappeared
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      Steve2112 wrote:

      I think the forum is working just fine.

      The forum is not working just fine.  If it was I might think about sticking around.

      Thus far only about 1/5th of the posts I've attempted have made it up, and only one of them contained the content I typed in.  The place is still a disaster.

      Dan played Dan until he couldn't play Dan no more cause the man got banned for being Dan.  Something to do with harassing mods or some such.

    • Pepi
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      Thanks Steve. I did see your post and responded LOL you must have not got it. Yahoo ... **************** an A. Dan is the one behind that mess

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    this thread is hilarious. it basically validates everything I was saying from the start.