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    So, I'm pretty amplification-inept, so help me out by making sure I won't blow anything up in doing this.

    I have a Fender Champion 600 5W amp with a speaker output for 4 ohms.  I have a Peavey Basic 60 60W amp with an 8 ohms speaker load and a Power Amp In jack on the front.  

    1. Should I be able to run a cable from the Champion to the Power Amp In jack to use the speaker in the Peavey?  
    2. Do I need a special kind of cable for this?
    3. Should I turn on both amps or just the Fender?
    4. If I should turn on both, in what order should I turn them on?


    Thanks a bunch,


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    I would be hesitant to try it, but there is a DI that you can run between an amp and cab that will give you the proper line level signal. Danged if I can remember who makes it, though :S



    • ogznog
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      I think you're thinking of the Weber Z-Matcher:

      I know it won't sound amazing, but I should be able to run the Fender into any speaker so long as it's 4 ohms or more, correct?

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    OK I had to do a re-read 

    1. No, unless you use something like the palmer to get a line level to the peavey

    2. speaker cable to palmer, line out of palmer to PV via xlr ( or another DI with 1/4) , speaker cable back to fender spk.

    3. yes, both amps on and 4. fender first on, last off. hope this helps!

    and here's the other di


    • ogznog
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      Thank you so much for helping with this!  I'm still wondering about the DI, though.  I've come across several forum posts about using the Champion with a straight up cab and they all say that it isn't necessary to level the ohms so long as the speaker is 4ohms or greater, but that it makes it sound a little bit better.  Is it different for my situation since I'm using the power amp in?

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    A speaker output needs to go directly to a speaker. You will probably blow the amp if you send it to an amplifier input jack.
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    • DarrenGO!
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      exactly. You're still running the fender speaker with the fender pwr. amp, but if you dump that wattage into the face of that peavey, you're asking for trouble. 

       the ohmage thing will only apply if you plan to power the peavey SPEAKER directly with the fender (ie, disconnecting the speaker leads from the fender speaker and connecting them to the peavey terminals) in which case, that would work, but it wouldn't be very loud. Remember, you can push ohms uphill (4 ohm head into 8 or 16 ohm speak) but not down hill (16 ohm head into 8 or 4 ohm speak =BAD!) amd it HAS to be the correct DI!