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Opinion of peavey cabinet? G12k85 speakers...


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  • Opinion of peavey cabinet? G12k85 speakers...

    I can get a 80's peavey 412 cabinet with celestion g12k85 speakers in it for $200. should I?

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    That's always of course up to the individual but I would say it's too much. I bought one of the same at $125 with normal cosmetic damage.

    They are great cabinets and the speakers aren't bad either, but for what I play and like. I have ordered a pair of the Emienince Swamp Thang speakers. Those things make a great speaker for many applications at a great price. My thoughts only of course.

    Would I have paid $200 for the cabinet? Probably..... in the long run. But I think you should make a lower offer.  You might find yourself spending money on it later. More better butter so to speak. Hope that helps some. 




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    be sure to check the inside of the cab before purchasing.  if the speakers are indeed as stated, they are worth much more than the asking price of the cab on the used market.

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