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Where can I get replacement knobs for my Yamaha DG-80?


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  • Where can I get replacement knobs for my Yamaha DG-80?

    Awhile back, I was lucky enough to score a used Yamaha DG-80 combo amp in very good condition for $226.00 OTD!    And it's the later updated version that included the Tremolo and Chorus effects.:robothappy:

    The only problem is that some of the plastic chicken-head knobs are kind of loose and tend to want to slide off of their pot shaft when trying to make adjustments to the amp's sound.

    They aren't regular chicken-head knobs either, they need to be able to reach back far enough to slip over the short shafts that are recessed behind the front control panel.

    Any ideas where a guy could get these? Does Yamaha still sell them? I haven't had any luck so far in finding these things, dang!

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    Check with Yamaha support or maybe try Full Compass. They sell oem parts.

    Availability for an item that old? That's the bigger question.


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      But I'll bet that I end up having to fabricate some sort of adaptor sleeves to allow me to install regular chickhead knobs.