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    Hello, I'm new to this forum, wanted to share a situation I'm having with Mills Acoustics.

    I ordered a 4X12 Afterburner EVM, Feb. 2011 and still haven't received it, all I get are lame excuses about how sales are down 80% due to the economy. I have sent 2 complaints to the BBB, Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission in Alabama.

    My patience is up and wanted to warn other musician's about this problem, since I'm not the only one in this situation, to my knowledge there are about 12-15 still waiting. Playing games with people's money is WRONG, I work extremely hard for my money and expect companies to do what is right with it, my next step will be a small claims case against them.

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    Sorry to hear about the issues. This happens sometimes with custom orders. I ordered from Ear Candy and it took about 10 weeks. Was supposed to be 8. Great cab though. Friend of mine ordered from Emperor. They took a while too. 

    I'm hesitant to bust their chops just becasue the product stands on its own. I can understand the anxiety of waiting for the unit. Maybe with the sales #'s down they cut back on help and its taking longer to produce? IDK.

    They should at the least have an order delay clause, but the problem with that is the buyers might change their minds.

    Ear Candy Cabs had the same delivery delay problem after a storm and they died out of favor. Customers just blasted them heavily for it even after being out zero money. Others just lamented and never owned.

    Try emailing them again to find out about the delay. Hard to keep anxious level in check on custom orders but as long as they are making contact with you  it can be promising you will receive a premiere cab.