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experimenting or backup?


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  • experimenting or backup?

    do you prefer to keep a 2nd rig for different stuff and experimenting or keep it as a backup of your main rig?



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    Having a backup rig is just that, a great backup. Its nice to have an exact copy, but if its something you can get by with it still works. Remember in that kind of situation, it's better to get through the gig than working about how your tone is. My recommendation?

    - Get rid of the backup cabs if you have any. If somethins going to fail it will be a head. Odds are, if you're at a gig you can always bum a cab, but there are guys that wont let you bum a head. That said, keep a spare head and bum a cab if a cab fails. If your head fails you have a spare.

    - Your back up needs to be just as or even more reliable than your main rig; as essentially it is there as a safety net. Gotta make sure the safety net is in check if you need to fall on it.

    - Get a smaller setup for an inspring rig. Change things up, dont deal with the bulk and keep it revolving. You'll get to try more and experience different sounds from different setups than keeping another one in stock. I've also done this; I'd buy something on CL or the forums, use it for a bit, then turn and sell it. I never lost out on any deals. I would break even or make a profit. But it was nice to have the ability to bring something in, play around with it, and then do it all over again. Like the Traynor tube combo I had. Got it shipped in, opened up the box, played it for a bit, stuffed it in the same box, and then it was shipped out the next day. In my personal experience I got more from being inspired by different sounds than one extra rig that was like my love affair to my main rig.


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    I have purchased amps that all look and sound alike but at different levels of volume and distortion. 

    So I have two 50+ watters, one ultra-clean, the other with some crunch.

    and two 15-20 watters, also one clean, one crunchy, and an external cab to embiggen the small speakers ( 1/12").

    And recently got a 5 watt  combo . (1/8")

    I pick one to go out based on the music, the room , and what guitar I am playing.

    Any could be the backup for any others. If I took a backup, which I don't.

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