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Gigging combo dilemma

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  • Gigging combo dilemma

    I've grown weary dragging head and cab around so I've decided to get me a combo. I'm a die hard marshall fanboy and i've been looking through their catalogue but they just don't make the one I need.

    I started off looking at the 50w MA and was really impressed by the sheer scope of sonic possibilities however I'm not one for a cluttered stage so with that one i'd need separate effects.

    Then I noticed the 40w Haze and found it had the effects all footswitchable in one (allbeit aftermarket) footswitch unit, however no separate EQ for the channels...

    So I need:

    All valve, 2 channels with boost, separate eq for both channels, built in effects, and for it all to be footswitchable and sound awesome.

    Does it exist? For a decent price?



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    I wouldn't discount anamp with one eq section. The Engl Blackmore shares a  lot of control, is extremely flexible...and sounds AWESOME! I'm seriously impressed with how well they did it.


    I would try the haze first. It will be hard thing to do in the have to get it up to volume and in a mix.


    The Blackstar has a cool amp with's not tube, but seems to have aweseom tube emulation. I think it's the DT series.


    Fender Mustang might be something to look at. It's defienlymore fender than Marhsal...but can get some nice rock growl.

    H&K Switchblade might be worth checking. Sounds great with programmable MIDI channels and FX


    I do advise caution on "sounds awesome". The multi-channel amps with boosts and FX are really more for convenience than excellent sound quality.


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      Jazzmag wrote:

       built in effects, and for it all to be footswitchable and sound awesome.

      Does it exist? 

      I don't think so. Most of the effects I know are/were featured in the Valvestate serie and they are substandard.

      I would take a look on the Vintage Modern serie.


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        All valve and built-in effects? I use the Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special which is all valve and two independant channels, but the only effect is built in reverb, and it's not switchable. The two channels are great, and it does have an effects loop, but I just put everything into the front end.