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What would you rather purchase if you have none?

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  • What would you rather purchase if you have none?



    So i think we

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    For me it's the amp. I decent guitar can be set up the way you like it. You can mod parts, etc. But, an amp is an amp is an amp, IMHO. You either like it or you don't.
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      I'd rather buy a good guitar. I can get decent sounds out of most any amp, but playing a cheap guitar is ****************ty either way.

      I wouldn't necessarily choose, though. My PRS SE is fantastic and cost me $550, brand new. My DSL 50 is great and cost me $400 used. My 1960BX cabinet cost me $300 used.


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        I honestly don't think expense is all of it (as been argued a bazillion times in this very forum), but you need a decent guitar and a decent amp or you are limited by one or the other. Tales of great guitarists sounding great with a piece of plywood with shoelaces for strings, a phone chord for a guitar cable, and a kazoo with a 9V battery are very exaggerated. Yes, tone is in the fingers and all that, but the truth is for a great player to reach his potential, he will look to decent gear. Even Jack White moved up from his Silvertones. That's not to say that a little elbow grease, new strings, etc can't make a great guitar or Brian May's Red Special would be a figment of our imagination.

        You have to buy the equipment that works for you and takes your sound where you want it to go. If every player was the same, Jimmy Page would have played a Strat through a Dumble and SRV would have been playing a LP through Marshalls.

        Me, I want both.

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      I'd rather play a crappy guitar through a nice amp, than a nice guitar through a crappy amp.
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        depends on what I was attempting to do with them.

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