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Carvin AG 100d or Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP


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  • Carvin AG 100d or Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP

    I'm looking at these two amps. Both are used "like new". Both are the same price. I am not a performer, I will be using the amp primarily to play around with at home. I've researched both of these amps and read good and bad about both but have not really seen them compared to each other.

    So, between these two models, which do you folks think is the better amp? Like I said, they are both in like new condition and both come with the foot switches and both are priced under $200.00

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    Have you considered getting a small powered wedge monitor like the Yamaha MSR 100? I've always had better luck going that route than using a dedicated acoustic amp, and you can always get something like a Boss AD 3 or Fishman AUra if you really need the tone shaping options. I can't comment on the Carvin (haven't tried it), but I owned the Fender for a while and I was never too impressed with it.

    I'm just curious, why do you need to amplify acoustic instruments if it's just for playing at home?


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      does the carvin have a mic input?

      i had one of those fenders for a bit, they are very nice.
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        OK...I don't NEED an amp for playing at home. I just WANT one. Just something to mess around with.

        Yes, the Carvin does have a Mic input. It is actually a three channel amp and the number three channel has a mic input. It is also 100 watt as opposed to the Fender 30 watt. For my use though, either is powerful enough.


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          I have the Carvin and it has been a satisfactory and servisible amp. Havn't played the accoustic fender but used them for electrics for years. Both companies make good amps. I'd go with my gut.
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            I have the carvin and I love it.

            It has a mic input and several other inputs. I use it primarily for keyboards. I'm not into tube amps as if I want noise I'll generate it either in one of my synths or using a guitar boss noise generator that I put in series with my output (foot pedal)....just a regular old guitar noise great for helping make grungy keyboard sounds grungier.

            I want a nice clean sound and the carvin delivers that. It also has a bunch of special effects you can send to each input individually.


            It is MONO and has a single speaker, but that's fine. It's small enough to keep in the corner and big enough to give you 100W.


            I love it....what can I say.




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              I have had two Carvin Ag100's.  When they work, they sound incredible.  The 12 incher is just big enough for the low end, and the tweeter, on about 1 is just right for crispy high-mids and highs.

              However, I have had two because the first one crapped out, and they sent me a new one.  The second one crapped out after about 6 weeks past the warranty, and when I called to complain, they started the "you must have done something stupid and wreckless to kill it.  They acted like they didn't know about this problem with the amp. 

              They lied.  If you do a search, you will see that the AG100's are known for being a crap shoot.  Many have the exact problem that I did.

              It's really too bad, because, for the money, it's the best sounding acoustic amp out there.  Unfortunately, it's not dependable.

              Mind you, it may be at this point.  They might have worked out the problem.  However, I would do a review search and make sure.


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                This is funny, I posted the same thread. I'm a Carvin guy. The Fender has more watts, but Carvin. I'm about to get this instead

                4 channels. I could just bring a stand and set up in 4 minutes. I've always set up the PA. Pain in the ass for the kind of small places I play. This gem will fill the room. If I need more, just bring another speaker. I've read nothing but great reviews on this one


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                  I have the Carvin - I use it mostly at home.  EQ on the main channel and a master EQ as well. It won't keep up with an electric band, but for a single or duo acoustic act in a smallish venue, it's fine. A friend used it to busk with (he had access to power in his spot) and really liked it.