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New Practice Amp Advice, Classic 30? Fender Superchamp X2? Already have a big amp.


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  • New Practice Amp Advice, Classic 30? Fender Superchamp X2? Already have a big amp.

    Need some advice and I have narrowed it down (i think) to these two amps.

    My Background:
    I already own a 100w 5150 III and an M13 for effects. I play a few High-output guitars with humbuckers. I like my current rig... maybe shy of a few guitars i want. I've been primarily a metal/rock player.

    However, recently I began playing with a cover band at the music school I work at. We play mostly clean, pop and rock tunes.

    My 5153 is obviously too big to lug to practice, so I'm looking for a smaller amp I can bring to practice. Again,   it has to do cleans and dirty, but not crazy distortion. I would probably use my 5153 for gigs... although maybe not if I can get a smaller amp that works. The new amp would be used at night while im at home and brought to practice every week (Cant leave my gear at location).

    So looking for good tone, portable, and flexible. Playing mostly Rock, Blues, Jazz and cleans.

    the SuperChamp seems flexible but may not be quite enough... the classic 30 is pretty standard, would be a good choice, but it also seems heavy and sort of serves the same purpose as the clean channel on my 5153.

    Does anyone have any experience with these two amps? Looking for sub-$300 used... are there any other alternatives? maybe a Tryanor, or Blues Jr used...


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    How about some sort of Marshall? I saw a (admittably VERY good) guitar player using an MG series (50 watt combo) sounded PHENOMINAL!


    You'd get all those sounds....and...a Marshall! A lot of what people hear are done with one.


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      What kind of speakers do you have set up on your computer, as well as a sub? If not buy a good set of speakers with a sub. To me, when it comes to practice amps, amplitube 3, or one of those line 6 HD POD series plugged into speakers sounds better than any practice amp I've heard. Especially with a subwoofer. I have studio monitors and a subwoofer. 


      As far as practice amps, I have a BlackStar HT-40, Vypyr 60 tube, Peavy envoy solid state.


      If you go with something on the computer you will get similar sounding tone to what you get with your big amp, all through the speakers. And it makes it easier to just record down ideas too. I usually do my whole demo with the HD 500 and then go back and use real amps on the album version. 


      The Digitech 1101 is another option, but I don't like the way it sounds direct through the computer, it sounds good with tubes. 

      My Vypyr Tube 60 and my BlackStar ht-40 are in mint condition, they have never been used. I'd love to get rid of them. I never need them.


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        Nag...I think you missed where he said he's taking the amp out...I don't think he needs computer playing recording.


        And nice job slipping in the spam! :womantongue: