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FCB1010 midi controller for 1101

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  • FCB1010 midi controller for 1101


    I got my FCB1010 midi controller in today to control my 1101. The reason I did this, I was controlling it with my HD500. But I got tired of having to move the HD500 out of my studio area into where my amps are. I am sadly disappointed. It is nowhere near the midi controller the HD500 is. 

    I have seen video's where some people got it to work with the Axe FX, (And even then it wasn't easy.) Unless all you are doing is bank changes. 

    I got it to do bank changes. But I can't turn the wah on or turn effects on and off. 

    I am not midi ignorant. I am good with midi stuff. I did everything correctly but it does not work. With the HD500 it is very simply. It has a screen on it and let's me control the CC number as well as the value 0/127. Working with the HD500 was a breeze.

    If I would have had the cash I would have got another HD500 as it is the best midi controller I have used. If I get an Axe FX I'd be using one with that also.

    If anyone has one of these units and an 1101 let me know how it works for you. I have researched all over YouTube and to find nothing. The insturction manual is crap but I was still able to follow it, but it just simply did not work.

    So, no wah or turning effects on and off for me. I will have to create patches now for example, one with reverb and one without reverb, since I can't turn the reverb on and off.

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    I don't own a GSP1101 but want one. I do own the FCB1010 so I was doing a little research awhile ago. From what I understand you can purchase a chip upgrade (see this site: UnO) that you would install in your FCB1010 what would make it operate like the Control2. Other than that I don't think it's going to work the way you want it to.


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