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Pushin 40 into a 30 = Speaker Help


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  • Pushin 40 into a 30 = Speaker Help

    I just picked up a new HRDX3 and the stock speaker is just not working for me, I like Celestion speakers and have had a v30 in my old Hrdx, it was ok but I always wanted something more open sounding. So that is where the Celestion G12H30 ( Avatar Hellatone 30)comes into play, however the speaker is rated at 30 watts and the amp is 40. I don't play very loud and never get the thing up past 4 on either channel.. you guy's think this will be ok. %90 of my playing is with the volume on 1.5

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    You could check out WGS's Reaper HP which is a 50 watt speaker based off the G12H30.


    Personally, I love my WGS ET65 which is a G12-65 clone.


    Also Celestion recently issued these which are G12H and G12M based speakers.




    The WGS site has clips of almost all there speakers too, with very little processing so it's a good representation of what you'll hear.



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      Thanks nakedarab,, I will check out some of the new Celestions.... I love options

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        wonder how the creamback will sound like with the hrdx.


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          You should be fine if you're not cranking the amp. I'm running 250W into a 160W cab. On stage I'm putting out probably no more than 50W into the cab.

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        I've got the WGS Veteran 30 running in my HRD.  Sounds amazing paired with JJ tubes.  Nice and glassy and lots of sustain.  The Veteran 30 is supposed to be a Vintage 30 clone, but it's not quite a clone.  I have V30's in a 412 and they sound awesome for hard rock and higher gain stuff, but the Veteran sounds awesome with HRD.  It's not a clone, just different.  But good different.