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Mesa Mark III producing no sound


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  • Mesa Mark III producing no sound

    I have a late 80's Mesa Mark III purple stripe combo that I run through a 4x12 rectifier cabinet. Haven't gotten around to addressing this problem until recently, but the amp no long produces sound through any of the three channels. Have tried a different combination of guitars and cables and still nothing. 

    Also plugged my guitar into the effects return jack and it produced a clean tone. However, I recently changed the preamp tubes since this was my suspicion, and still nothing. I had assumed that the power section is fine since sound was produced through FX return. Any idea on what the problem could be?


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    Does turning up the gain and/or fiddling with the tone controls affect the hiss (if there's hiss)? Could be as simple as a bad input jack, as complex as a nuked preamp. - Adding Insult to Everything!Neck Pocket Cavern Surveyor for the Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You club!"In all fairness, Les Pauls have a switch position labeled "Rhythm", while Strats do not, because they are lead guitars for lead guitarists." -Flatspotter


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      Tried firing it up again after replacing preamp tubes, if I crank the master all the way up, along with the presence, you can finally hear sound from all three channels. But at a very low volume and minimal gain.