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    Bad assed rig bro', ****************. Is that the new XXL Engl cab under that SE or what? If so please give a review for us Engl freaks. Does sound huge or what.
    I am dying to get back to my SE back at school in Nashville, you know my valvestate combo just doesn't do for me at my parents place!


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      It may look weird but it sounds KILLER!!
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      • #18 - Great service, prices, and selection. - Biggest selection of NOS tubes.

        Originally posted by gr8fuldodd
        My brown eye cleans up nicely and is also very touch sensitive

        Originally posted by tsunamijesus
        are there breakdowns? chug chug sting, chug didlug, chug sting sting, dicka dicka PING!

        Originally Posted by AtarisPunk29

        Greenbacks flapping in the wind as he plays what can only be rock through Marshalls. When you rock, your sound rocks.


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          Originally posted by LordRiffenstein

          Sorry for the offtopic but how do you like that Framus guitar? I always loved the look of those, a cross between a tele and a lp.

          I really love that guitar. Its a Framus Panthera Custom. I'm not a big guitar expert but i think that you wont find a lot of other guitars in that price range that are of similar or even better quality (at least not here in Germany). It plays like a dream. Has a very nice warm and clear sound and sustains forever (even tho the action is set really low right from the factory). The Seymore Duncan pickups seem to be the perfect match for the guitar's natural sound.
          I think everyone who gets a chance should try a Framus guitar.


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            ENGL fireball with a mxr zw in front of it with a les paul is where its at!!
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              Cool pic-


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                Here's my e570. I'm also getting the new XXL cab this week. Can't wait!

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                  Originally posted by M.Gilbert
                  Here's my e570. I'm also getting the new XXL cab this week. Can't wait!

                  that is one of the best racks ive seen. looks gorgeous.
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                      Originally posted by Drago

                      that is one of the best racks ive seen. looks gorgeous.

                      Thanks dude!
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                        Here's mine:

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                          Originally posted by gibson5413
                          Here's mine:

                          That is NICE! Its simple yet DEATH at the same time.
                          If your bored check out:



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                            Cool rigs, I own a Powerball and Fireball. I too use the G/Flex cabs. Love those things!!!! They sound HUGE!!!!


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                              You guys are killing me! i'll be getting a FB,RB or PB in the near future.

                              How come the only Fireball clips out there are the ones at rocksolidamps?

                              NONE OF YOU FIREBALL OWNERS EVER POST CLIPS.

                              NOW POST SOME FIREBALL CLIPS NOW
                              Why does Mesa hate Australia?


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                                I play a Thunder 50 head through an old Greenback Marshall 4x12 with Les Paul and it sounds killer. Use it for indie rock, not metal - these things are very versatile. However, the kick ass lead channel really makes the indie nerds' faces bleed. I love the distortion on this amp.

                                Ended up selling the Charvel and Yamaha guitars, and the boss delay and getting the Marshall Cab, an Orange head, and a Line 6 DL4. But only pics I have of that are on my mobile.
                                Have a listen and like my rock/stoner/thrash band Longhorn on Facebook