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Newest Fender Humboldt Hot Rod


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  • Newest Fender Humboldt Hot Rod

    This is exclusive to Pro Guitar Shop

    Any Thoughts?

    I am having major Gas for this! Wanted the green one way back when. Maybe it's because I live in Humboldt for two years and met my wife there a native born and


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    IDK, that sounded pretty muddy.

    I'd rather have a Peavey Classic 30


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      Yeah I didn't really like the demo. I like demos of the previous Humboldts but they said they were diming the treble. My gas is dissipating.

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    I thought it was funny that they named this amp after Humboldt (California's pot growing region) because it has a hemp cone speaker and described it as having a "smoky tone." .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />