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Another Ebay problem thread.


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  • Another Ebay problem thread.

    I won an auction on Ebay for a "perfectly working"  Magantone M15A amp. $800 plus $100 shipping.


    It was shipped from Washington state to my location at the southern tip of Florida. 75 pound amp poorly packed. When it arrived it didn't work. Parts were detached like the poorly replaced power cord inside the amp. It was loosely swinging around inside the amp broken. It would turn on, all the tubes would light up but no sound.

    I tried replacing the more common preamp tubes but I didn't have the weird power tubes it uses. It didn't help.

    I had a tech look at it but he couldn't find replacement tubes either. He did reattach the cord better but it didn't help.

    Anyway the auction had a return policy for any reason including a "buyer pays return shipping".

    At that point I mailed it back isured for $900. Cost is another $112 out of my pocket. Now I'm out over a grand.

    The item arrives in Washington, but the seller says that it was "totally destroyed" upon return shipping. It sounds like he's trying to collect on the insurance on the return shipment.


    I've escalated the claim through Ebay and have done all of this within the time frame allowed, but I'm not hearing anything in the last few days from Ebay or the seller. It IS the weekend, but I'm wondering if I need to call Ebay to figure this all out at this point.



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    These claims can take time. eBay wants the seller to have time to respond. If he doesn't respond within...30 days?... ebay will give your money back for the cost of the item. Shipping you'll probably have to eat.


    I assume you paid with paypal and a credit card? So you should also contact your credit card company as well.


    ebay generally sides with the buyer in these gotta chill on it for awhile. It is indeed aggravating.


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      He communicated through Ebay accepting return of the item. The auction did state that the seller would pay return postage so I'm thinking they should side with me but it's been a few weeks.

      I really packed the amp well on the return and can't imagine it got any damage. I'm thinking the seller is just trying to make his money on the claim instead of relisting.