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    I've allways liked build threads, so here's my meager contribution...

    Bought me one of theese:

    The price was too good to pass and it seems interesting, a Trainwreck - type preamp with a low voltage power amp that uses either 12AU7 or ECC99 for 1,5 - 3,5 W output. No idea how it'll sound, since there are no clips avible - I guess I'll find out in a while...


    I was going to add a mid control to the amp, but theres not enough room on the chassis (it's pre-deilled, I'm lazy), so I'll just add a switch for a cut, neutral or boosted mids. Don't know when or where I'm going to find time to actually build it, but it's fun having a little project around. I did build the powersupply and probaply the amp itself will be done pretty soon, but the headshell will have to wait 'till warmer weather (it's -30 C outside, a bit too cold for woodworking). It'll be a wihite Marshall-style headshell with gold piping and the front panel will be burly(?) birch. Here's a couple of pics. I don't know the name of the wood I'm using for the back panel, it looks nice, tho.


     Got wood?


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    Seems like a cool project. Good luck on it. Someday I hope to build at least a good fx pedal if not a low-wattage amp.
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      A little progress, did the front and back panels today. I still have to enlage the holes on the front panel to be able to tighten the pots. Would've been easier to dirll them to the right size from the beginning...


      Since there's not enough room for a mid pot and I couldn't find a decent threeway switch, I'll start by building the stock version and see how it sounds before deciding on a mid cut or boost switch. One little modification I did was to add a impedance selector, not that I'll need it that much, but to cover up a hole I made by mistake


      A few crappy pics...



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