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Crate Blue Voodoo crackling noise? :'(


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  • Crate Blue Voodoo crackling noise? :'(

    hey guys, buddy of mine just got a Blue voodoo 112 60 watt tube combo amp. when it arrived it had two broken tube (tung sol?) the manual said it was supposed to run 6L6's so me and the buddy when to the loca shop to pick up some, left with the tube amp doctors. put them in, (apparently this amp is self biasing,:smiley-wtf: dont ask me how that works)but when i hit the side of the amp it makes kind of a crackling noise, almost lke when you take a cable out/ put one in while the amp is on. noticed the same kind of sound when had bass up at about 7? not too high you know, just getting  a scooped sound. any ideas on whats wrong? been readimg off this forum for years, just decided to join:smiley-cool11:

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    Might be dirty fx loop jacks or bad solder on the jacks. Jump the fx loop with a patch or guitar cable and see if the problem is still there. If not, clean the jacks with electronic contact cleaner spray.


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      You COULD have some dirty jacks...but likely some loose solder joints in there....maybe at the caps? If you are decent with an iron, and take caution, you can either inspect for cracked soldering...or just very gently resolder as much as you can.


      Not a difficult job, just time consuming.

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    Try cleaning the tube sockets with some electronic tuner cleaner, you can get it at Radio Shack.  Sometimes it's dirty sockets. Also could be a bad tube. May try opening up the amp and looking for loose connections or a cold solder connections.


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      Had a similar problem with a valve king combo a while back. Opened her up and found a bad solder joint on a jack, prolly from pulling cable in and out. Sealed it back up and haven't had a prob since.
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