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  • Spam Thread 6/10/13


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    1976 Ampeg VT-22 head cab'd. (It's a V4 with reverb). $400 local in ATL or you can pay shipping if you need to.  Hit me up rodom531(at) for pics and details.


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      Gauging interest...

      Thinking about unloading my RRRLPCustom - it's a custom guitar built by RRR (Rob), a very good local luthier located in San Diego. I've simply not played guitar enough to justify continuing to keep it. I've picked it up maybe a handful of times (less even) over the last year, so maybe it's time that it goes to someone who can put it to better use.

      I contracted Rob to build to guitar in late 2009 and picked it up early 2010. The specs are as follows:

      Mahogany back
      Bookmatched flamed maple top
      3pc Flamed maple set-thru neck w/volute - between a 50s and 60s profile neck, on the thicker side, U-shaped
      Flamed maple headstock veneer
      Ebony fretboard - 22 frets, 24.75" scale length
      Multiply binding (some seams are a little off, but nothing that detracts from the guitar)
      Single ply neck
      Mother of Pearl inlays on neck and headstock
      RRR circle logo
      Gibson Custom diamond inspired headstock logo
      Bone nut
      Schaller locking tuners - black
      Black top hat knobs - 2vol 2 tone
      Tune-o-matic saddle bridge - black
      Motor City Pickups Afwayu pickups - bridge and neck, open coil
      Redburst finish throughout - dark red into a lighter red on the top, sides, back, neck and headstock
      Polyurethane finish - it's been very durable
      Weighs in over 10lbs - it's a solid guitar!


      Will come with a shaped hardshell case.




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        I'm parting out a Japanese Stratocaster project.  A buddy of mine was hard up for money so I bought this from him and don't want to mess with it.  The neck had a locking nut but he removed it and was going to install a roller nut but it needed more shims than what LSR sent so he decided not to finish the guitar.  Here is what I have an what I'm asking for it...all prices are shipped unless otherwise stated.


        LSR roller nut-$25

        SD SH-4 humbucker-$50

        MIJ Fender neck-$100

        MIJ Fender body with pickguard and stock pickups-$100

        I also have a Fender HSC but shipping will cost more than this is worth to me so I will include it in the whole setup if someone wants all of it for $300 shipped.


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