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Traynor Guys: Convince me to buy this YBA-1


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  • Traynor Guys: Convince me to buy this YBA-1

    Boy am I not on the ball today. First I forget my login information because I haven't been on here since the reformat and had to make a new account, and then I make a thread in the completely wrong forum. .png" alt=":smileyindifferent:" title="Smiley Indifferent" />

    Anyways, I found this sweet Traynor YBA-1 on CL for a good price. It's a later 70's version with the "baby bumpers" and non-script logo, which means it's also a solid state rectifier, unlike the late 60's/early 70's version which were tube based. It's in perfect condition, modded for a master volume and given a new 3-prong power cable.

    My question is for the tone junkies out there: If you were in my position, would you hold out for an earlier silver-cloth version with the tube rectifier, or pick this bad boy up anyways? Is there difference that huge? I've listened to a multitude of videos and recordings of each, but they all sound different in the hands of someone else so it's been a rough comparision, and I have no way to A/B in person, Also, are there any other differences between the two versions I should be aware about that might sway my purchase? I hear the transformers lessened in quality over the years of production, and this one seems like a pretty late model.

    I'm not looking for perfect Plexi tone, merely great tone in general, and these seem to do that well. I'll be pushing it with an OCD and a few EQ/boosts, and running it through a 4x12 loaded with V30's, to give a general sense of what my end sound is going to entail.

    But yeah, any input on this would be great. I'm itching to just go buy the damn thing, but I need reassurance first lol

    *EDIT* The seller just informed me the transformers are indeed the original huge-ass black Hammonds, if that makes a difference. He says the guy he got it from says it's a '78 though and the serial number matches, which I thought they stopped using Hammonds by then? Or are they just lesser powered ones?

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    Considering many great amps use SS rectifiers, sure why not.


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      Kind of depends on the your idea of a 'good price.'

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      HKSblade2 wrote:

      Considering many great amps use SS rectifiers, sure why not.

      I've always liked the tight nature of SS rec. The sag is great and all, but I prefer SS

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    Ended up changing my mind. The price wasn't "great" ($400 for one with a Legion 2x12 cab), but that's not what swayed me. I think I'll just hold out for one with the better transformers.

    Plus some local tard has a YGL-3 for even cheaper, so I'll grab that instead.

    Damn my constant hot/cold GAS!