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Peavey 6505/5150 vs Bugera 6262


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  • Peavey 6505/5150 vs Bugera 6262

    I know this question has been asked dozens of times, but I just wanted to get more opinions before making a decision. My band's lead guitarist is thinking of getting a new tube half stack but with a budget of no more than AU$1500 for head and 4x12 cab. Currently only looking at the second hand market for good deals.

    Our genre is post-hardcore/metalcore.


    Unfortunately, there haven't been many good deals out there in the local market just yet. But I did find a 2009 Bugera 6262:


    I've personally never tried a Bugera but I've read that the 6262 is tonally identical to the Peavey 6505. However, there seems to be a lot of complaints on the net about reliability issues. So is it a yes or no?


    Please share your thoughts!

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      I have had nothing bur positive experiences with Bugera amps. I haven't tried a 6262 but have both a 333XL head and a 1990 head. I had to do the old solder the PT harness directly to the board but it has been rock solid. I also had both a V-22 and a V-55 head and loved them.
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        Bugera amps sound good, I have the 1990 Infinium, but the jury is still out on whether they have improved in reliability or not. If you buy one, I suggest getting a new one, they have improved them and they come with a 3 year warranty...