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Rebel 30 amp head channel 2 revoiced


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  • Rebel 30 amp head channel 2 revoiced

    As a owner that only liked the clean channel 1 .
    The channel 2  uses V2 A/B as the tone stack being overly distorted for my taste.
    I had good success replacing the v2 tube with a old 12au7 now it crunches in a usable range.

    The distortion is a more likable tone than before,its like a new channel  .
    I am amazed at the transformation.
    Rocks hard still on gain 10,and is almost too much gain, perfect !

    Im very happy to have such a better sound without a pedal.
    I posted This on Bruce Egnaters forum for any warranty issues and no complaint has been added to the discussion so far !
    Frankly im shocked that it gets this loud using both triodes of a 12au7 , but i turn the gain way up now as before only 5.5 so its loud as before .

    Its totally natural breakup predictable by how hard you pick it or slap a chord .
    Its a smoother better tone and a very different and touch sencitive . 
    I didnt know the high gain channel could be made to be band master sounding , very similar but my highs are better i think !

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    I should add the 12au7 tubes that i tried the vintage grey plate type didnt get a even EQ of the strings.
    But i had 2 vintage 12au7 shinney black plate tubes and one is real good as i said the other was not as good.
    The black plates that were both much better than the grey plated ones.

    The 12ax7 and 12at7-12au7 are compatible but get various results ,i just found the Rebel 30 channel 2 is able to be revoiced real well .


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      I take it that it would be the same for the Rebel 30 combo. I find the channel 2 not alot to my liking either. Have not had a chance to play around with the tubes yet.

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