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I have the Slash tone, get in here and be jealous!

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  • I have the Slash tone, get in here and be jealous!


    I nailed one of the most sought after tones in history. It's over.
    A big **** you goes out to the community of My Les Paul which repeatedly stated "ER ME GEHD SLASH TOAN IS IN THE FINGERS YOU'LL NEVER GET IT" or joked about the tone being in the hat. Now who is laughing?

    People, if you are that stupid to think I'm frauding this tone, listen to how many mistakes I make on the solo at 28. If you believe Slash made anywhere near that many mistakes on the original recording, you should worry more about potentially being deaf than achieving the Slash tone.

    And the best part is:


    You can't have it



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    not aware that Slush tone was something anyone strived for.




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    You took it down already, lol. It must have been epic.........


    • Steve2112
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      Yep...I went to look for it too and it was gone. Hmmm.