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Recent Vox AC30/6 TB w/Greenbacks - problem?

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  • Recent Vox AC30/6 TB w/Greenbacks - problem?

    I just got one of these on ebay, and the thing looks perfect. What I'm wondering (from anyone else who has one) is if anyone else gets a good amount of noise from their amp without anything plugged into the amp. It's a late British model with greenback speakers, and I can have nothing plugged in, or my guitar, turned up or down, and when I touch the volume on the amp, it buzzes. Is this normal?
    I appreciate responses.

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    Uh, can anyone help me out? It seems like the brilliant channel is buzzing more than anything else, and there's a light hum with all of the controls turned down, but it amplifies a lot when i plug into the brilliant channel.


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      i had one like that myself... it was quite noisy, but i cant say from your description if the amount of noise you're getting is excessive.
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        Anyone else?


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          Had the same problem with an AC30.One of the EL84 had a failure.Replaced all 4(you should change all 4 because they should match.After replacing them problem was solved


          • ijams
            ijams commented
            Editing a comment

            Filter capacitor could be weak,.
            Wiggle the tube buy tube then try swapping preamp tubes.
            Unplug all effects loop chords if any and this what i would try,   and plug the 120v cord into a cpu power regulated power sockett.
            The input jack my be the switching type and be dirty on the contact,i think its just a spring steel contact problem !