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  • Carvin

    Alright, I'm a Carvin guy. My first tube amp was a XV212 combo. Great amp. The guy I sold it to bought another just like it for his son. I had a few bad electric guitars, but the DC135 changed me. Great guitar and even though I have some high end guitars, the Carvin still gets out.

    I have an old Carvin Quad X pre with a newer TC100 EL34 100W power amp. I also have the best bang for the buck I've found, Vintage 16. Does everything. I also have a vocal monitor.

    Just  good ride with a great company

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    i was just playing my dc135 earlier - great guitar !

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    • guitarcapo
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      They build fantastic guitars...just horrible pickups.


      A solid koa Carvin with pickups to taste is a beautiful thing.

    • Stonedtone
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      wallywanker wrote:

      i was just playing my dc135 earlier - great guitar !

      I just love that guitar. I had a coil tap and phase switch added, so I get a ton of tones.