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  • That moment when...

    The drummer says he's ready to start, then starts fixing his kick pedal and misses his cue.

    The singer says he's got a ride to the show but shows up an hour late, piss drunk.

    The bass player sets all his **** down on the only set of stairs to the stage.

    The other band's guitar player "didn't think [he] needed [his] cables" and asks to borrow yours.

    When you go to start your set and have no cables, cuz the other guitar player left with them.

    When your drummer shows up late, with no sticks, snare or cymbals, and looks at you like it's your fault.

    When you call everyone and arrange time for rehearsal the next day, then the bass player doesn't show up because he's out with his new girlfriend.

    The singer forgot about it anyways.

    The drummer said nobody told him about it.

    You arrange to share backline with the support and they don't show up to the gig.

    Hotel management has you arrested because they think you're trying to steal the band's gear. Your band's gear.

    It's 3pm and the singer is too drunk to tell them you're the guitar player.

    You get a phone call from the keyboard player an hour for the gig, he's been arrested for possession and wants you to bail him out.

    Then gets mad when you tell him his cut for the night paid his bail.

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    Good stuff.  Thank for the laugh.  


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      Do people actually get paid to play rock music anymore?