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Basic live mic'ing question


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  • Basic live mic'ing question

    Pardon my ignorance on the topic, but can I mic my amp by just looping the chord around the handle and dangling the mic in front of the speaker? I've seen it done plenty of times, but I know the pickup  pattern of the mic will make a difference. The mic I am using is a Shure SM 58.

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    You can, but that's not a preferred mic or a preferred method with that style of mic. Buy and E609 or 906 if you want to hang it over. If not, there are many small stands and accessories that work.


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      So, what you're saying is that  the Shure SM 58 works best pointed directly at the speaker, but hanging it from the handle will work; but it's not ideal since the sound is coming from the side of the mic.

      I have a little stand that I can use to point the mic right at the speaker; I suppose that will work better. I was just trying to avoid carrying one more piece of equipment if I didn't have to.



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    I have used a clip-on mic holder. It clips on the side and holds the mike out front. Since I have an open back cab, i just stuffed it in there.

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      I got this as part of a bundle deal for an e609. Funny thing is, whoever thought up the bundle was kind of dumb since the whole point of a 609/906 is to not need such a thing (nor would you want to because it holds that style of mic way off the grill cloth), but it would be ideal to use with a 57/58 or any other traditional type of microphone. No worrying about it bumping around--it holds super tight. 



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