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Help! This used cab stinks!

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  • Help! This used cab stinks!

    Great little cab but when I got it hope I realized its emitting a sickly sweet odor, like the stuff they use in hotel carpet to hid cig smoke. Its permeated the whole house and I had to put the cab in the garage. I cant stand it, I'd rather smell the stale cig smoke than this. I cleaned the exterior good with windex(except for the speaker cone) but it didn't help. Its been 4 days and it still has not dissapated to any degree. How do you de-oderize de-oderizer? Ozium maybe?


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    Try some baking soda and water mix. Wash it out good and let the unit sit for days to air out.

    Cabs are like furniture though. It's never easy to get the smell out of the wood or grille fabric.


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