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Spam Thread 8/12/13


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  • Spam Thread 8/12/13

    Happy 12th of August, peeps!

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    I just pulled this out of my one year old or so bad cat 2x12. They sound very sweet. They are made in England under bad cat specs. My personal opinion is that the bass is similar to the vintage 30 with a less pronounced mid hump (not honky like V30s can sound). The highs are reminencent of an alnico speaker and this speakers really shine in Vox AC30s and the likes. The magnets are labelled V30 as they share some tooling but they do not sound the same at all.

    I would like to trade and will ship to trade them for

    - Celestion Creamback speakers
    - Scumback M75s

    Otherwise would like a local sale for 120 a pop in cash. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Beautiful sounding speaker and a great price as they are practically new. Never gigged with.

    Here is a quote for their site

    All of our amps except the Classic Deluxe use a custom Bad Cat British made Celestion speaker. The speaker is produced to our specifications and built in England. Our Celestion is on of the secrets to our sound. It has been described as having the sweet highs of the Alnico Blues, but with the tight lows and punch of a ceramic. Our speaker is only available through Bad Cat Amps. Size: 12"
    Impedance: 8 ohms
    Resonant Freq: 75 hz
    Power Rating: 65 Watt
    Magnet: Ceramic
    Magnet Weight: 51 oz
    Weight: 10.5 lbs

    Actual pics

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      For Sale: Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers Set SH-55b and SH-55n (Nickel) I have an auction but am willing to settle outside of eBay for a lower price (how does $180 shipped sound?). These pickups sound great and were only used for ~1 week. The set includes the SH-55b and SH-55n and most of the original packaging. There are a few screws missing, however. Thanks!

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    I have 2 vintage English Celestion 4 ohm v30's. I'm looking for 2 16ohm v30's or something comparable. Hit me up with offers.