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How to pair a Peavey 6505+ with a Marshall 1960A cab?


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  • How to pair a Peavey 6505+ with a Marshall 1960A cab?

    I'm pretty sure this might've been asked before and would be a silly question to ask, but I just wanted some reassurance to make sure no damage is caused to the equipment.


    So from the back of the head, there're 2 outputs. Are they both identical? As in either one can be used for a half stack cab?


    At the back of the Marshall cab, I believe it needs to be switched to Mono (since only one cab will be used) ?

    From my understanding, the 8ohm labels on the cab should be disregarded since only ONE cab will be used, while I have the option of connect 4ohm (Right) to the 4ohm mode on the head or 16ohm (Left) to the 16ohm mode on the head?


    In that case, is there a difference between using 4ohm and 16ohm?



    Thanks in advance!

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    Bump. Is there really no one out there?


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      Switch the cab to mono. Switch the head to 4ohm output. Plug the head into the 4ohm input on the cab. Good to go. Now, crank that **** up and have fun!!!!!