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Silverface Twin Reverb with Reverb not working


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  • Silverface Twin Reverb with Reverb not working

    I'm gonna just cut to the chase. I have a 75 Silverface Twin Reverb. The Reverb was working just fine but of late has started cutting out. It has gotten to the point where it hardly works but I know the unit is fine because if I wiggled/mess with the RCA cables in the back I can get it to sound normal. I'm assuming the cables are just a little messed up on the inside, maybe I could get newer cables to replace? I know these amps don't take any old RCA so I'm wondering where or what specific kind of cables I would need to fix this. Any other solutions or indications that this is not the problem would be appreciated. I'm almost certain that it is the cables. When the reverb isnt working the channel gives off a little bit of buzz if that helps diagnose the problem. Sometimes when I just let the amp chill for a bit it comes back on. I have no idea why haha

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    Try another set of RCA cables. The only thing "special" about the RCA cables on Fender amps is that the ends are angled 90 degrees. Any old set of RCA patch cables from a stereo will work, at least to test and make sure the problem really is the cables. Don't mix up the input and output, they are usually not interchangeable. 



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      Sounds like it could be RCA cables or inputs, like Mr. Grumpy says. Clean the cables and jacks. But you also have a reverb tube...either it or the socket might be bad/need cleaned.

      You could be messing with the RCA cables/inputs and it makes the tube work. I have to tap on my 64 BF Twin on occasion, reminding all the parts that they are supposed to fit.    I push on the tubes a little bit to make sure they are seated- it's probably not the tubes, just the flex in the chassis.

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    Well no offence but it is from the 70's, whens the last time you took it to an amp tech? Or has it ever been to one at all?


    Sometimes things just get old...they need to be resodered, dusted, checked for unsodered values, recapped.


    Theres a number of things you could do yo trouble shoot it. Check for schematics on the amp and see if the reverb runs on tube. If it does it just might be an old tube, I think this is unlikely cuause those older vintage tubes 12u7 where built like tanks.


    RCA cable unplug them dust them, in the reverb pan they connect to it with a wire sticking out from the amp. Not to hard. 


    Next, get some computer cleaner, dust the **** out of the FX loop if it has any, input jack, speaker jack, any   jack.


    If all else fails about time to take it in to the amp tech, might be a faulty reverb tank from years of banging around, the reverb cap, or a value inside the amp.


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      Thanks everyone for the advice

      In all actuality I should just take it to an amp tech, simply because I do not have a soldering iron and because I would probably mess something up. 

      The reverb is really a swing or a miss, sometime I give the amp a little wiggle or a nudge and it will stay on for the entire time i'm playing.