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Who is the Kia/Hyundai of amp manufacturers?

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  • Who is the Kia/Hyundai of amp manufacturers?

    Just sold my 65w Hot Rod Deville 212. I need something smaller/quieter but small-giggable, at band-volumes, that won't break up if I don't want it to. I just need a nice tubey clean tone that I can put pedals in front of to do what I need. I was thinking Blues Jr, and I could get one used for $250-350, but I'd rather go cheaper if there are any alternatives.

    I like Hondas, but I'm poor so I bought a Hyundai. Love it. What amp maker is my Hyundai? Who is making great product, minus the billion dollar marketing campaign?



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    Not sure if it qualifies for "no big corporate campaign", but I would suggest the Fender Mustang III. Plays whisper quiet, will do gigs (it *is* "100 watts", though I think it's a rather generous rating). Won't need any pedals, unless something very specific. It's small and lightweight, for a 100w combo. Affordable. It has a rather tubey sound for solid state- as most Fenders do.

    Although I've reached the conclusion that this amp isn't "my sound" if you know what I mean, it's an extremely handy amp to have around. If you need a fireman's ax, get an ax. If you'd prefer a Swiss Army knife- get this!


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      Thanks for your response Steve. I'm watching some videos on the mustang right now... pretty sweet. Honestly I'm afraid of modeler tone being inferior, and it's ability to take pedals.

      Any other input, anyone? Looking for lesser known manufacturers of quality tube product.

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    I'd say the answer is Fender honestly. I mean $350 for a giggable amp is an extremely reasonable price. You might be able to find a used VHT Special 12/20 in that price range as well, A BUgera V22 likely cheaper which is a really solid amp, maybe a Peavey Classic 30. But really, there not going to be much giggable at a price lower than that unless you go solid state. You can pick up a Peavey Bandit for less than that all day which will give you a ton of clean headroom. You can also find Tech 21 trademark 60's in that price range.

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      Interesting.... I just found a local shop asking $299 for a used Bugera V55. Been checking out youtube vids and they seem pretty solid.

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    Blackstar are korean made! Hyundai and Kia's opang gangnam style #dancing
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      I'm kinda in a similar situation. If I were in the US, I'd look for a used classic 30 or classic 20. Maybe not as small and quiet as what you were looking for, but the overal build quality and sound is probably a step up from whatever the hyundai of guitar amps would be. Don't know where Peavey stands in terms of marketing budget or how 'big' the company is or whatever...But I'd say they're one of the few companies that build their products in the US and sell them at a price that can compete with MIC amps. 

      I don't have any first hand experience with Bugera, but the reviews and comments online are far from solid, it seems like you're better off spending 80 more and get better durability/reliability. Not to mension the resale value, which is obvioulsy less of an issue with an Orange/Fender/Marshall/Vox kind of brand. 

      Check Blackstar/Egnater/Jet City for a small combo that meets your requirements, they usually cost a little bit less than the compairable big brand versions, and if you care about reviews online, they seem to have a really good reputation, unlike Bugera.

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    I much prefer Hyundais to Hondas.
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