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  • budget tube combo

    It's yet another Peavey V30 vs Palomino V32
    I was really towards palomino v32 but some say that it gets ridiculously hot so that I would need change tubes every 2~3 weeks...
    I don't doubt the build quality of both. I think drive channel on palomino is bette r to my ear (I like cutting plexi kinda tone)
    But classic 30 with a celestion v30 sounded really good too...
    I am torn apart. Which one should I take?
    Oh and the weight of the V32 is a qualm too... people say that it is way heavier than 44 pounds..

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    I'd say this is typical a case of "try out both amps yourself and let your ears decide"

    You seem to be aware of most pros and cons, you've over the clips/reviews/specs, etc...

    Nothing left to do but drive to your nearest guitar center or whatver shop that happens to have both amp.


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      It's hard to find a store that carry both amps... Palomino production has been stopped and its hard to find a used one in a store near me


      • guitarcapo
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        I'd probably go with an Egnater Tweaker 40.

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      Why not try a used Classic 50? They are more heavy-duty than a 30 and just that bit bigger to handle louder bars etc....

      I used a 2 x12 for about 5 years with an ES335 and it was a GREAT combo.

      Good luck!