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NEW Mesa Dual and Triple Rectifier Multi Watt Heads...


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    The new triple I tried was awesome. The cleans weere dramatically improved. The other two channels were similar to the last series, so good amp imo.

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        I couldnt tell any difference what so ever between the new Rectos and the last series. There are a couple of new options , but tone wise , they sounded no different to me

        Yep. I played a new triple recto over the weekend. Not a whole lot of difference. I didn't play the clean channel though.
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          I'd like to get my hands on that.
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              Got a new /old stock multi-watt 2010 triple rec and have been very happy so far.  It has  pleased me much more than the two DSL100'S  I sold to get it. I am not impressed w/ the effects loop though , it sucks tone. I run a eq pedal through the loop to try and match the front end tone so it's no big deal. I have been very happy with the gain structure and texture using the stock 6L6 GC 440 STR power tubes. They have a full balanced tone. I may try some EL-34'S  one day but not in a hurry. You will need a OD pedal in front to tighten it up a bit. I use a Japan SD-1  the next best would be a MXR GT-OD and third a Joyo  Vintage OD . I run mine on spongy/recto tubes as opposed to bold/silicone diodes, orange channel vintage setting. this gives it a old hot rodded JCM800 sound that is impossible to achieve with the DSL'S. Even on the 150 watt setting it has a nice sag and  response.

              Red ch. spongy/diodes  modern setting for heavy rythum and tight bottom end.

              The spongy acts like a variac to reduce internal voltage and get you in the brown sound range.

              The clean ch. is okay , I run it on silicone diodes to get more sparkle, but I got spoiled w/ the DSL clean ch. , it was very nice,almost Fenderish.

              All in all it is impressive and extreemly flexible. the closest to my old JMP master vol 2203 I use to have years ago.  I learned these settings from a guy who has two 2203's and a JMP  he said it gets close to a hot rodded JCM800 and I agree it gets you in the ball park.



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            I actually had already seen this. It's really hard to tell the difference from this video as the older one sounds very mirangey as to where the newer one sounds more focused and balanced. I'm gonna go to GC soon and probably ab the multi watt to the older 3 channel. I think the Mesa Rep gave the older one crap settings on purpose so it would seem more apparent that the newer model was "better".


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              I actually saw this already. I've been searching youtube the last few days. The older 3 channel sounds very middy and muffled as to where the new one sounds a bit more balanced. It's hard to tell the difference because the eqs are either set different or the amps voicings are slightly different.
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                GuitarGuy503 wrote:
                Just curious what you guys think of the NEW Mesa Dual and Triple Rectifier Multi Watt Heads? I really like multi watt thing and the idea of the improved clean channel. What do you guys think of them in comparison to the previous 3 channel Dual and Triple Rectifiers? Discuss......

                a linkie would be cool!

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