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Mesa Road King I 2x12 Combo Help!


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  • Mesa Road King I 2x12 Combo Help!

    Okay; i've been offered a mesa Road King model 1 2x12 combo for my egnater renegade head +300 cash.. I've been seeing these go online for 13-1500 used minimum... So is this an amazing deal? Or has the value on these dropped?
    Also; what are you're overall thoughts on the amp? I've had a mesa heartbreaker before and didn't really like it.. But i was told that the heartbreaker is different then most mesas

    I've been gathering that the road king isn't a super desirable amp... Thoughts?

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    I need opinions!


    • Steve2112
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      Here's what I do when checking prices...just go to ebay and search the items. You can even do an advanced search for complted listings. You can find out what sells for how much.

      It sounds like a steal.

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    If you like the tone of that mesa, yes, it is... I went back and forth with several amps before I purchased my en=gnater renegade, including several mesa's (rectoverb, mesa express, lone star), and I just didnt care for the tones of them compared to what I could get out of the egnater.. I found more tube sag and compression, and it wasnt as "stiff" feeling to me like the mesa's tended to sound. Add to that, I thought the mesa's could easily sound fizzy, could be cause I didnt turn it up loud enough... So for low volume tones, the renegade won again.. Just my opinions though! On build quaility and resale value, the mesa's will hold out on those... Never had an issue with my renegade in terms of build quality in the two years that ive had it, and hopefully I wont! 


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      I have a Road King II. I have had it for about 4 or 5 years and am still in love with it. I dont understand when you say that it is undisireable. It is an awesome amp. I use if for just about any type of music. I use it alot in church because of being able to go clean to really heavy. I also like being able to switch to different types of cabs. It is a beast. I have the head which weighs about 75lbs plus the 2x12 cab. I have a dolley that I use to move it around.

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        The Road King is in another league of versatility than any other amp I have seen. You can use all sorts of different combos of power tubes to completely change the character of the amp, not digital emulations, real power section changes. One thing you should consider is that if he's selling it cheap it may be time for a re-tube, and there is like 14 or 15 freakin tubes in that bad boy, so get your wallet out. However Mesa's are built so well that with new tubes you wouldn't have to worry about anything for along time. They are built so well, and more importantly designed with longevity in mind.