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Triple XXX re-tube : Please help me to choose the best preamp/power tubes


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  • Triple XXX re-tube : Please help me to choose the best preamp/power tubes

    Hello everybody,

    I've baught 2 weeks ago a Peavey Triple XXX, tubes are more than 5 years old, heavy duty use, so I want to change them.

    I've had a look on the web for "best tubes" for XXX : all JJ

    I've phoned my tube tech : he told me that JJ 6L6GC sound bad, and advise me to get Sovtek instead.

    But I've read on the web that Sovtek 6L6GC sound like crap and JJ 6L6GC are sooo fine.


    Please tell me your point of view, and other brands of 6L6GC that will sound "perfect". What about Svetlana 6L6GC ?

    As regards preamp tubes, he said me that JJ preamp tubes sound really good, I've read the same on the Web. But Should I tell him to install 4 of them (V1, V2, V3, V4), or some JJ and other brand ?

    Here is how I would like my XXX to sound like : good and deep bass, precise (I play Jackson King V 7str Corey Beaulieu), not that much low mids, "normal"m mids, and not to fizzy or "transistor like" highs. If there is a way to get the gain knobs more precise, I take your advice (setting 'em 12AM or 2PM just does no change the amout of gain...)

    I thank you !











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    jj preamp, svetlana el34s. Best sound you will get from the XXX

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    • jgebhardt
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      I switched from 6l6's to JJ EL34's and it really makes this amp come alive in the mids. Good attack on the palm muted trashy stuff too. Love it.

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    Thank you dudes


    What are the advantages in sound using EL34 instead if 6L6 ?

    Will I have as deep bass (7 string axe) as 6L6 gives me ?

    Thank you





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      Mids will be more prominent but you will lose some of the low end. People describe it as the "british" tone since most Marshalls used ELs or the like. I make up the low end with a MXR 10 band in the loop.


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        The fact that I would loose bass is annoying me a little bit.

        First, everybody here agrees that JJ preamp are the best for that beast so I have the answer for preamp part

        Let's say I want 6L6, which one would you advise me : I repeat, lot a bass, but not muddy, clear, precise. Mids that could be get by EL34 (I know, I'm stubborn ^^), and relative "smooth" highs, that would not make my XXX sound like a transistor poweramp.

        Thank you once again






        • jgebhardt
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          Maybe someone else can chime in. Am not a fan of 6L6's in the XXX.