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I am being less and less motivated


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  • I am being less and less motivated

    to buy a new amp. I been lookin for a combo amp for quite some time. On the other hand I have all of these VST amp modellers on my Mac that I find using a real amp more and more abstract. Lugging all that weight, extra pedals....Right now i play a mid 90's Fender blues deluxe. And its mid heavy (especially when you lug it from a gig at 4am), has one ok sound and thats it. I never record with it at home because its 2 loud and has that one sound. Through the use of VST modelers I discovered I can get pretty assuring tones.

    Its just like you buy one amp and have that one tone and I am never really satified. I keep searching for something else. They're expensive and bulky on the other hand  the modelling game is getting better and better and you only need a laptop with a quality interface.

    Is this rapidly evolving digital technology killing analog amps?

    Flame away

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    Lack of motivation is usually a symptom of smoking too much weed.

    "I don't want to be immortalized through my work. I want to be immortalized by not dying." Woody Allen


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