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To drill or not to drill - a question for dealers, makers, and collectors

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  • To drill or not to drill - a question for dealers, makers, and collectors

    I LOVE my '49 Gibson ES-150. Plays, sounds, and looks great. Its condition: very good. It's all original, and the case (probably original, but I bought the guitar used, so I can't say for sure) has a new handle but is otherwise period-correct. The old P-90 pickup sings. Normal wear and body checking, but nothing serious. One of the tuners is bent, but all six work fine.

    Here's what I'm wondering: I've avoided adding a strap button out of fear the drill hole would devalue it. Instead, I tie the strap to the headstock, Pete Seeger-style. The result is that it's a little harder to play than it would be if it had (like my other guitars) a strap button at the neck heel. It's not impossible to play, but it is kind of awkward.

    So what do you think? Should I keep the guitar all-original or add a strap button? How much would a drill hole at the heel bring down the guitar's value?


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    hmmm...are you planning on selling it? If not, IMHO, make it yours. Add the button. You won't be the first...
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      I personally wouldn't on a well known brand of that vintage. Get a strap that isn't slippery and it should stay put fairly well.


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        Daddy Mac - I usually go that way, but with this guitar, I'm hesitating. Even though they're not high-end guitars, the old 150s are slowly appreciating, and I'm looking ten years or so down the road.

        Koiwoi - Yup, I'm doing that. My nylon strap has been making me crazy, so I went to the local shoe repair shop and ordered a 3"x4' strip of medium-weight leather. It should be in in a week or two and cost about $7. (When you know your size, you don't need an adjustable strap!)

        But aside from the slippage, it just hangs a little bit wrong. Certain positions are hard to reach. Guess I can get used to it.

        Other opinions welcome!
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