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The Official "Moestock II" Thread!!!

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    Does anybody mind if I show up?

    Russell: What amazes me is that there is so much loser compressed into such a small space... how does it not combust into a giant ball of suck.

    "I love to eat babies!!!!!" ~Makoshark

    "Come to Khazakstan. We do disco dancing,
    archery, rape and table tennis. It's niiice!"~Borat Sagdiyev

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    Annabelle: 95 Epiphone G400.... beat to **************** and hotrodded out

    Betty: 2004 MIM Strat, looking decent, and hotrodded out

    Mojo: 1956 Fender Musicmaster...

    And a yet to be named 1966 Gibson ES-335

    2002 CE22....700 bucks... couldn't afford a name

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      Originally posted by jleavesl
      Does anybody mind if I show up?

      I don't think so

      But make sure you confirm with Funky first.


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        I'm down. Got to teach you boys how to get all the way down.


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          Despite the fact that the handsome Doc Wilson will be there.......I doubt (98%) that I'll make it.
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          On Toronto vs. the UK

          rosskoss: Well there you go then. I can't see how one can choose something else over that? Lotsa music, slutty chicks, nice weather, no SARS...

          Six String Stuntman Steve: No SARS? Hear Hear!!! This might be the better place to go afterall!!


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            I think it's about 80% sure that I'm there

            Capt'n Rusty-talk : "Ou est le Jam du Cyber ???"


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              It's pretty certian that me and Mrs. gtrdave will be there ...or maybe just me...or maybe just a cardboard cutout of me...or maybe I'll just fax a picture...

              I'll try to be there...
              My name is Dave and I play guitar.


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                Yeah, I've gotta come to this one. I felt horrible missing the original.


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                  Short of an earthquake, a family bereavement or the insatiable demands of the present Mrs Nail, I will be there.

                  Come to think of it, it's because of the insatiable demands of the present Mrs Nail I will be there

                  Paint this, hang this, repair this, it's more than flesh and blood can stand.

                  What.............what did you think I meant What, not..............OMG. Anybody who thinks that does not know the harridan that is the present Mrs Nail..............COMING DEAR

                  Russ T


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                    I definitely plan on attending.
                    Reality is the original Rorschach.


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                      Originally posted by jleavesl
                      Does anybody mind if I show up?

                      Everyone is welcome. I just need to know how many!!!
                      And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln

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                        I will not come unless my conditions are met:

                        1)I require a huge bowl of exactly 437 brown m+m's available to me at all times.
                        2)As my hands are super sensitive to stress, I will require a personal assistant to carry my gear at all times.
                        3)I will require a beautiful buxom 21 year old woman to pleasure me at all times.

                        If these demands are met....

                        .....then ill probably be there. Im planning on looking for a p/t job to afford my obvious guitar gear addiction, and to pay for the flight. Money is my only concern, and I should be able to rectify it in the next few months.


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                          Originally posted by babybatter
                          1)I require a huge bowl of exactly 437 brown m+m's available to me at all times.

                          437 eh...

                          well you can't eat them then!
                          just look at them!

                          or there won't be 437 anymore

                          Capt'n Rusty-talk : "Ou est le Jam du Cyber ???"


                          • #28
                            I think I'll try to show up, if I don't get lost between Westminster and Longmont. And if I don't forget.

                            Can't say about Mrs. CastrMaster. She generally looks at guitar players with contempt.

                            Fortunately for me, I'm not much of a guitar player.
                            ... there's more guitar content and less annonymous cowards grinding their axes ...


                            • #29
                              Funky, you know I will be there. Hopefully by then we will have decided whether minor thirds in the "head" of our blues jam work better than major 3rds. LOL!!!!

                              ASIDE: Ya know, even if only a quarter of the people who say they plan to attend (you know, the ones who didn't think Moe could pull it off last time but now wish they hadn't been such skeptics and had come because we had so much damn fun -- THOSE guys!!) show up, this is gonna be a VERY different event than Moestock I. Not saying this is a bad thing, but if you get 40 guitar players in Funkytown, it will be a lot different than a dozen guys in Acton...


                              • #30
                                Can a junior member join in? Har! I'll be there definately. This one's gonna be even better than the original!!

                                (and Stratcat better beware... )