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The Morning Drive CD

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  • The Morning Drive CD

    I'm curious what all y'all listen too from day to day ... so why not post it! Every morning I pick a different CD for the morning drive (same as every night - I sleep with ear buds on ).

    Today's selection was:

    Johnny Winter: A Rock n' Roll Collection

    Yesterday was:

    Rush: Fly By Night

    Post em' if you've got em. This will also help feed my "Need to Buy" CD list
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    Bill Frissell - Ghost Town

    Wilco - AM (first album)

    Foo Fighters - The Colour and The Shape

    Ryan Adams - Gold

    Scofield - uberjam (must get so you can hear avi bortnick or whatever his name is - incredible rythm player).

    Ben Folds Five - Forever and Ever Amen
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      Us2slim, you ole pole cat, how the hell have you been?


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        This Morning's Selection:

        The Nearness of You (The Ballad Book) - Michael Brecker with Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnette and James Taylor.

        Recent Favorites:

        In The Spur of The Moment - Steve Turre with Ray Charles & Chucho Valdes

        Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Chet Baker

        The Immortal Charlie Christian
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          Indigenous' Fistfull of Dirt

          John Hiatt's Greatest Hits


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            Originally posted by Doc Wilson
            Us2slim, you ole pole cat, how the hell have you been?

            Just dandy...and yourself?

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              Cain't complain, man. Taking it slow.


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                Nice Tele...but really...really nice hat!!!

                How does your wife/squeeze/rib resist? It boggles the mind.
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                  Van Halen I

                  During the last few days:
                  ZZ Top - Tres Hombres
                  Robin Trower - Bot's bootleg
                  Fleetwood Mac - Live at the BBC
                  David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars


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                    Big Head Todd & the Monsters - Riviera
                    John Hiatt - Crossing Muddy Waters
                    Kasey Chambers - Barricades & Brickwalls
                    The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker

                    I think I'll be blowing the dust off my 2112 cd tomorrow
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                      Heads - "No Talking Just Head"
                      Jethro Tull - "Roots to Branches"
                      Gong - "You" (from the "Flying Teapot Trilogy")
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                        NEIL YOUNG - WELD

                        Unfortunately, there are people home, so I can't crank it to brain hemeroge inducing levels like this album it MEANT to be...but **************** man....there should be laws against one man rocking THIS hard


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                          Spock's Beard - SNOW


                          Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy


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                            Lately been listening to either Plumb "Candy Coated Waterdrops" or "Battle for the Beginning" audiobook by John MacArthur with an occasional listening of Chris Rodriguez's "Beggars Paradise".
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                              Lately, it's been a self-burned CD with the following:

                              6 A.M. - Dream Theater
                              Let the Bodies hit the floor - Drowning Pool
                              One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer - Thorogood
                              Mama Says - Lenny Kravatz & Slash
                              Cruise Missle - Steve Morse
                              Turning Japanese - Vapors
                              Good Shot - Filter
                              Cadillac Walk - The Hamsters
                              Georgia Slop - The Hamsters
                              Roadrunner - Max Weinberg 7

                              ...and a couple more I can't think of right now.